An Inclusive Sports Therapy Programme
for the physically and mentally challenged and the
under-privileged at Siri Fort Sports Complex, New Delhi.


About "Little Gods"
Every child has the right to be included in leisure, sport and creative activities. While many children do have access to such facilities, children disadvantaged by disability, in any form, and children belonging to the under-privileged sections, require external support for the same.

Sports therapy promotes childrens’ development, learning creativity, independence, health and sense of community, without which they often stagnate; suffer developmentally and their imagination stifles, leading to frustration and are labelled a burden on society.


Aims & Objectives

  • Include persons with disabilities in various sporting activities, which will create positive, qualitative and attitudinal changes resulting in a tangible shift in the perception of the concept of disability.

  • Remove barriers, which exclude children with disabilities and the under-privileged, from the mainstream groups.

  • To create access to public sporting facilities in the city for children marginalized due to any form of disability, irrespective of poverty or gender bias.

Little Gods

  • Location
    Siri Fort Sports Complex, New Delhi.

  • Target Group

    • Children in age groups of 9 to 15 years disadvantaged by disability or lack of resources, access and social apathy.

  • Beneficiaries – 70 approx.

    • Also children from other NGOs.

  • Duration

    • Programme started in February 2004 and has continued ever since on Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00 am to 12.30pm.


Training Disciplines

Trained coaches and therapists work with the children and train them in –

Ball Skills (through basketball, cricket and football);

Aerobics (movement and rhythmic skills);

Skating (balancing and coordination of body and mind);

Hydro-therapy (swimming);

Shooting (concentration and stability).


Children at the "Little Gods" Inclusive Sports Therapy Programme at Siri Fort Sports Complex